Changing your Work - Life Balance

Do you realise that the illness or injury of a child, partner or sibling is one of the greatest risks to your wealth? Many of these risks can be avoided for negligible cost. Ask Bruce if you wish to assess your total risks.

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Are you planning to work less and enjoy life more?

Happiness and the pursuit of shared experiences has been proven to add at least a decade onto your life. The quality of your life improves when you have more balance in it.

Ensuring your capital is used with the greatest productivity and is protected, can allow you to work less and play more, much earlier than most.

“Working on your business is more profitable than working in it.”

Do you have a virtuous cycle working for you? Ask yourself the following:

» Is your business and income maximising your investments?

» Are you taking more time to share joyful experiences as your investments grow?

» Do you use that ‘flow’ to grow your business and investments even more?

» Do you have a plan to work less in your business?