Business Owner or Private Practitioner

You realise that overvalued world share markets and excessive world debt in 2021 is going to end badly for most people with assets. You will be called upon to make the necessary changes in your business or professional practice.

The security of your family and your assets are of prime importance to you. You want to be secure that your wealth will be managed prudently, particularly during times of great change.

It is your desire to work with specialists to make wise decisions when others faulter, so your loved ones become more resilient.As Warren Buffet says:

“Be fearful when everyone else is greedy; and be greedy when everyone else is fearful.”

Is having your wealth managed wisely before, during and after crises, important to you?

If you want a wealth adviser who is not like the rest, then call Bruce or register your interest for a gratis obligation-free meeting.

Your hard work has created a thriving private practice. Ask yourself these questions:

• Do I have the optimum ‘level premium’ insurance to protect my loved ones and myself?

• Do my children have adequate insurance?

• This is one of your greatest hidden risks.

• If I have other business partners, do we have the optimal Succession Plan, with additional insurance protection, (much more than a ‘Buy Sell agreement)?

• Ask Bruce to share a real-life example of not getting this right.

• Am I maximising wealth management advice to substantially build my wealth outside of my practice?

• Will my wealth grow during the next global share and property melt-down?

• Do I have a plan to buy the best companies and investments in the world with confidence, when bargains abound at the bottom of the next recession?

• Does my current retirement plan give me the choice of semi-retirement and to fully retiring at any time of my choice?

• If the worst happens, will my family be provided for and receive my wealth and insurance proceeds in the optimal tax efficient manner?

• Will my family wealth be 100% protected if any child or grandchild gets divorced or bankrupt?