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As well as writing two books, Bruce Davis shares ideas to make even the most challenging topics understandable and useable.

Every ten years or so, many people lose significant portions of their wealth by being lulled into a false sense of security by media which is spoon fed stories, by individuals with vested interests in the status quo. Our company does not have any products. Our ‘raison d’être’ is to place our client’s wealth management above our own. We will always act ethically.

The world is likely to experience an economic ‘perfect storm’ in the next two years. Both debt and share markets should fall together. The last time that happened was 1929 and it took over 25 years for the Dow Jones share index to get back to the same level.

Our blog will provide some objective independence. There are however limitations to any blog. For any advice to be optimal, it should be based on your personal financial circumstances, goals and objectives. If you have established wealth already and want a long-term wealth manager who has plans to profit in falling and flat markets, as well as rising ones, then complete the following Registration of Interest Form and Bruce will contact you personally.

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