Wise Investment Advisers Bruce Davis

World Investment Markets are like a mighty river. A 50-year flood can wipe you out or deliver a fertile future. Preparation is the difference.

Bruce is a Fellow and a Financial Planning Specialist with the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia and has been a member since 1981.

Bruce Davis

My clients have busy lives. They want a wealth manager who is at least as passionate about building and protecting their wealth as they are. This allows you to be all you can be and to inspire your loved ones.

I am not my resume. I am a ‘Pracademic’. As well as being a continual learner, I also actively invest in both equites and real estate. My undergraduate degree was in dual majors Accounting, Finance and Systems from University of NSW. I also have Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in financial services, real estate and Financial Markets and much more. My passion and investment in self-improvement and education is voracious.

I have founded two charities. One with legendary Wallabies Captain Nick Farr-Jones. I am a proud Australian who is in awe of our forebears, like my Grandfather Raymond. Walking the Kokoda Trail in four days was a picnic compared to the sacrifices of his mates and he is WWII.

Would you like to receive high returns from your investments, with low risk? This has taken me decades to identify and master. It can be used in any financial condition and works even better in market crashes. If you want a wealth manager, who is not like the rest, then call Bruce or register you interest for a gratis obligation-free meeting.

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