Would you choose to earn: $130,000; $831,000 or $57,980,000 in profit?
Over 95% of Australian investors and SMSFs chose the $130,000 option.

Australia is the best country to live; but is not solely the best place to invest your money!

Advanced overseas investment instruments provide much better liquidity, volume and growth with less risk than Australia offers.

We invest in the next Amazons; as well as high growth, low risk investments overseas. 

The next 20 years offers better opportunities.

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Private Wealth Management

Wise Investment Advisers only add value to select individuals. We do not provide services to everybody.

Wise Investment Advisers work with you to grow your wealth as markets rise, fall and plateau. We do this with sophisticated strategies that only elite Financial Planners utilise.


We advise successful professionals, business owners and self-funded retirees.

Wise Investment Advisers allow you to live your busy lives, confident that your wealth is building and is protected.

Wise Investment Advisers are 100% Australian and provide ethical advice with no alignment to any product provider or institution. We place your interest above everyone else’s.

On average, share markets fall about 50% every 10 years.

Historically, every 50 years brought a Depression.

What if the next depression and/or world war hit next year?

Australia will be the best country in the world to be after the financial crises have passed. Are you prepared for it?

As Napoleon Bonaparte said: “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

More money can be made in falling markets than rising ones.

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How to Build Riches sold over 30,000 copies. It is estimated that the wisdom in this book inspired over 1,000 Australians to become new millionaires. Its principles are timeless. Market have changed. Get expert advice before buying real estate in the 2020’s. Caveat Emptor.

Invest Wisely and Grow Rich details: the awesome power of compounding; why Crisis is the new normal; new Paradigms; protecting your riches; compounding health; and building a legacy.

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What our clients say

Rene Leveaux

For over four decades I have observed Bruce to be a person of impeccable character. Bruce has excelled at every endeavour he has undertaken, including sport, university, property developing, writing books and financial planning.

Rene Leveaux
University senior lecturer and manager

Emily Archer

I thought my SMSF was being professionally managed until Bruce helped me grow it at a much higher rate with less fees.

Emily Archer


Gregory Mackenzie

Bruce has always been diligent and a man of his word. I have observed Bruce to be meticulous with everything he does including the self-publishing of two successful books.

Gregory Mackenzie

Retired Financial Planner and Fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia